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Traditional Windmills and watermills provide numerous educational opportunities.

They present ideal venues for students of all ages to study at first hand many aspects of the National Curriculum.

Website Design : Simon Potter English : pupils can listen to a guide, read information on display and then write about their experiences. Mathematics : items to be counted, shapes to be recognised, movements to be understood.

The following list, which is not intended to be exhaustive, shows the possible ways that a visit to a mill could be incorporated into National Curriculum studies.

Subject Aspects Examples
ENGLISH Technical Words, Prose, Poetry Shaft, Cog Wheel, Pulley, Shutters, Buckets, Fantail, Sluice
MATHEMATICS Shapes, Measures, Movements, Data, Speeds Wheels, Hoppers, Shafts, Sack capacity, Grain output, Man hours, Gearing
SCIENCE KS1/KS2 AT4 Forces and Motions, KS1/KS2 AT3 Separating Mixtures of Materials, KS3 Energy Resources and Energy Transfer, Growth, Friction, Springs, Construction Materials, Power Driving machinery, Water power, Wind power, Types of waterwheel, Types of Sweeps, Types of Grain, Growing Grain, The Harvest, Timber, Metal, Millstones, Gravity, Sieving
DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY Knowledge and Understanding, KS1 Mechanisms, KS2 Controls, Use of Materials, Structures, Motion, Harnessing the Wind, Angles, Water Impeller, Windmill Design, Grain Handling Evolution of Windmills, The Fantail, The Milling Process, Gears, Pulleys
HISTORY KS1/KS2 Local History, Pre-history, Roman, Medieval, The Industrial Revolution, Steam Power, The Decline of Windmills and Watermills, Farming Methods, Modern Uses of Wind Power and Water Power, Census Returns Hand Mills, Querns, Lords of The Manor, The Miller, Tithes, The Feudal System
GEOGRAPHY KS1/KS2 Geographic Skills, Plans and Maps, KS1/KS2 Places, The Weather Mill Ponds, Windmill Locations, Wind Speed and Direction
ART KS1/KS2 The work of Artists, Craftspeople and designers, Mill Ponds, Reflections, Landscapes, Sketching, Architecture Textures, Brickwork, Stonework, Patterns, Hand Tools
MUSIC Tempo, Clicks, Beats Machinery, Water, Wind, Rhythms

Teachers are strongly urged to visit the mill before arranging a visit, in order to discuss with the mill operator what opportunities will be made available to pupils.

Please contact us for details of Sussex Mills that welcome educational visits.

Educational packs are also available from the Flour Advisory Bureau. and from the Grain Chain

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