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Lurgashall Mill was built in the 17th century at Lurgashall, a village about 4 miles north of Petworth. It used water from several streams, which eventually flow into the River Rother near Halfway Bridge.

The main structure of the mill was built from local stone. Most of the machinery dates from the 19th century. The mill served not only the village and its locality, but also the residents of Petworth House and Park, part of the Leconfield Estate.

At one time the mill had two waterwheels each driving independent sets of machinery and one of these sets survives. There were two sets of millstones to each waterwheel. It is probable that two were used to grind wheat for flour, one to mill animal feed and one to grind oak bark used in tanning leather, a common industry in the Weald. The mill continued working until 1935 when it could not compete with roller mills, which were able to grind more efficiently.

In 1973, the Leconfield Estate presented it to the Weald & Downland Living Museum at Singleton near Chichester. Before it could be rebuilt at the Museum, a site had to be prepared, which included excavating an area to create two mill ponds. This together with the rebuilding of the mill and the restoration of the mill machinery took a total of seven years to complete.

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