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A combined water, wind and steam mill
located at Twineham

Sussex Mills Group logo
Hooker's Mill - An etching from The Miller, dated 3rd September 1877
An etching from "The Miller", dated 3rd September 1877

The logo adopted for Sussex Mills Group is a drawing of Hooker's Mill, Twineham. This was initiated by Bob Bonnett, and excellently drawn by Ron Martin.

Hooker's Mill was a unique mill located on a tributary of the River Adur at TQ 256204 and was powered by water, wind and steam. It was felt that the image ideally represents Sussex Mills as it features three different power sources.

The mill was built in 1851 and was originally water powered. However this was not successful due to water supply problems filling a small millpond. It was decided to construct a windmill on a flat roof of an extension to the watermill to supplement the water power.

Eventually both methods were abandoned and steam was introduced to drive the mill, but even this could not provide a viable business venture, so the mill closed down in 1890.

Some remains of the mill can still be seen on the opposite side of the road from Hooker's Farm, hence its name.

Members of Sussex Mills Group visited the site on 8th April 2006. The site was overgrown with trees and vegetation, although some of the walling remained.

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