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I've recently been projecting my slides and making digital photos of them. Way back in 1983, I acquired a load of glass plates of various mills which I passed on to the EKMG. Slides were made of the prints, and I have copies. On Facebook, there is a group for those interested in windmills - Windmill Hoppers. I posted the images there and many of them have been identified as Sussex mills - Bexhill windmill, Hellingly watermill and Dean's Mill, Lindfield. There are still some unidentified, but it looks as though the vast majority of them are Sussex mills.

Would you be interested in having copies for the SMG archives? The digital photos of the projected images are OK, but I'm prepared to make the slides available for copying as these would produce a better quality image. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner suitable to produce digital images direct from the slides but I'm sure we can arrange something.

I don't know whether or not you are on facebook, but if you are then search out the Windmill Hoppers and Watermill Hoppers groups. If you aren't on facebook, please consider joining.

Update : July 2018 : Many thanks to Nicky Walker for identifying some of the mills featured below

216 - Hellingly Watermill

218 - Clayton mills

219 - Downs Mill, Bexhill

220 - Lower Mill, Plumpton

221 - unidentified waterwheel

222 - Hellingly Watermill

223 - Hellingly

224 - Clayton mills

225 - unidentified watermill interior

226 - unidentified waterwheel

227 - unidentified watermill site with oast

228 - unidentified watermill interior

229 - Bosham

230 - Jill, Clayton

231 - unidentified watermill interior

232 - Hellingly

233 - Hellingly

234 - Hellingly

235 - Downs Mill, Bexhill

236 - Hellingly Watermill

237 - unidentified watermill site with oast

238 - unidentified waterwheel

239 - Dean's Mill, Lindfield

240 - unidentified watermill interior

241 - Dean's Mill, Lindfield

242 - Rottingdean

243 - unidentified watermill interior

244 - unidentified watermill interior

245 - unidentified watermill interior

246 - unidentified watermill interior with miller

247 - Hellingly Watermill

248 - unidentified watermill interior (cog pit)

249 - Hellingly Watermill

250 - Dean's Mill, Lindfield

251 - Dean's Mill, Lindfield

252 - Dean's Mill, Lindfield

253 - Dean's Mill, Lindfield

254 - Dean's Mill, Lindfield

255 - Dean's Mill, Lindfield

256 - Dean's Mill, Lindfield

257 - Dean's Mill, Lindfield

258 - Dean's Mill, Lindfield

217 (not included) is a Hampshire watermill, but the plate is badly damaged at top right.

As far as I can tell, these images are all out of copyright by virtue of the author being unknown, the images being in excess of 70 years old. I've included the unidentified images as, in my opinion, they are highly likely to be Sussex mills. If any of these should be identified then I would appreciate it if you could let me know.